Delays are inevitable

Hiking in the Missouri State Park

We were making pretty good time, with our goal simply to head south.  We stopped for two days in Missouri, at a nice little state park. Thomas went through a little internet withdrawal, since there was no wifi and not even cell signal.  We went for a very challenging 6-7 mile hike. It was a lot of steep hills and the trail was extremely rocky, but it was a lot of fun. It was nice getting away and getting off the road for a couple of days.

Two days later, we lot significant engine power going over a bridge along the coast in Alabama.  We weren’t sure what was wrong with the RV, but we knew some of the possibilities and it didn’t look good. We ended up in a home depot parking lot to wait for a tow (thankfully, we always get the tow coverage with our car insurance).  Due to some communication issues between the insurance company and the tow company, we actually ended up waiting around 4 hours before we finally got out of there. The biggest complication, however, was Kevin (the dog). We managed to track down a hotel that allowed dogs, and we found an Uber driver that would let us bring Kevin in her car to the hotel. There also happened to be an auto mechanic that specialized in RV’s not too far away.

It turned out that the repair needed wasn’t nearly as dire as we feared. It was fixed in a day and it was a lot less expensive than we were preparing for, so all is well.  We got back on the road and the RV is now running better than ever. Crisis averted, although the temperature suddenly went from 70’s to mid-40’s. It seems like the cold just follows us.

I’ll let Thomas tell you about the excitement on the Alabama beach!


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